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Chimney Sweeps – Why do you need one?

So you may be wondering, why do I need to use a Chimney Sweep, so let me share with you my top reasons.

  • To make sure your chimney is safe
  • To make sure your chimney is free of blockages such as debris and Bird Nests
  • To remove the build-up of Creosote
  • To make sure your fire is working efficiently


    When your fire and chimney is not cleaned regularly there are a good chance you will have a build-up of soot, debris and birds .  If these are not treated and cleaned could cause Carbon Monoxide poisoning or chimney fires. 

    Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas with no smell or taste, breathing it in can make you feel unwell or can even be fatal if you are exposed to high levels of it.

    How often should I have my chimney swept?

    A minimum of once a year to ensure your chimney is kept safe and clean.  The frequency will also depend on the volume recovered and will be advised on the day

    There is no need to worry when your next sweep is due as we will send a reminder prior to the due date.

    Reminders are sent out to customers to ensure your chimney is swept regularly - image of reminder

    What’s the best time of year to get my chimney swept?

    Once you’ve finished burning is the optimal time to get it swept and serviced. Allowing the chimney to be clean and preventing deterioration of chimneys and liners.

    What to expect when I clean your chimney?

    Once we have booked in your appointment, you can leave the rest to me.  I will need access to your property so please ensure there will be someone there to let me in.  I will arrive when stated and bring all the dust sheets and coverings to avoid any damage or spillage to your furniture or belongings.  I also clean up at the end so you’d never know that I have been. It takes approximately 1 hr for a sweep.

    How much do you charge?

    I offer competitive rates and some seasonal and/or volume discounts are offered. Please contact me for charges and availability when booking.  I am able to record any issues and will provide a certificate of sweeping upon payment that you can forward to your insurers.

    2nd time to have had Alun Sweep my chimney. Superb service, extremely clean. Turned up when expected with no issues. Good for another 12 months. See you next year Alun. 👍

    Owain Davies

    Excellent professional service.
    Very clean and tidy.
    Great care taken.
    Highly recommended.

    Kathryn Bevan

    Services Available

    Bird Nest Removal

    Birds nest between Spring to early Summer, so the removal of nests is illegal until the young have flown. For further  information on this, you can visit

    Don’t forget prevention is better than cure

    So the fitting of cowls / Bird guards is advisable before this time

    Nests can cause huge blockages which can lead to chimney fires, smoke returning back into the room and even carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Smoke Check

    During every chimney sweep I perform a spillage test to make sure the smoke is going back up the chimney and not coming back into the room.  There are several common failures including down draft and air flow and having no vents in room when they are needed.  You can use different cowlings or bird guards such as anti-down draft cowlings, bird guards or in problematic down draft problems I recommend the FlueCube.

    Servicing of stoves, log burners, open fires, aga’s etc.

    Regular inspection and servicing of your stove/fire is essential to ensure that everything is in order, this includes rope seals, fire bricks and anything regarding the maintenance of the fire

    Firebrick protects the sides of the stoves, stops damage and need to be replaced if they are cracked or worn down.

    Fire ropes are sealed to stop smoke coming back into your room.  If they are worn it can draw air into the fire and this burns more fuel so is not as efficient as it cold be.  There is a safety aspect as well.

    Keeps all dangerous fumes in the stove.

    Chemical Tar Removal – Creosote and Tar Modifier

    This service is for a build-up of tar that cannot be removed by brushing.   Using a chemical application it dries and shrinks any tar coating the chimney or liner, and this can then be swept away, ensuring your chimney is safe to use.

    Chimney before being chemically treated with Premier Chimney Sweeps - picture shows chimney full of soot and creosote

    Before Chemical Tar Removal

    Chimney after being chemically treated with Premier Chimney Sweeps - picture shows a clean chimney with soot and creosote removed

    After Chemical Tar Removal

    Premier Chimney Sweeps were extremely professional. I have used them now on 2 occasions and each time they have turned up when they say they will (hard to come by these days). They were extremely friendly and professional and gave lots of advice on how to get the best out of my log fire. Very clean methods of working too. I genuinely highly recommend this company having used a few different ones over the years.

    Matthew Bailey

    I contacted Premier Chimney Sweep as I’m having an extension and was desperate for my open fire to be swept, as it’s so cold here and NEED HEAT. The service, speed, professionalism, immaculately clean, general experience was second to none. Extremely professional yet very friendly. Very reasonably priced. My fire is now lit and we are all enjoying the warmth. I wouldn’t use anyone else again. Very pleased. Thanks

    Liz Lewis